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Testimonials from Current and Former Students

Sarah's Voice Studio

“Sarah is a joy, and beyond that, an incredible teacher and coach! She understands not only the anatomy of the voice, but the pedagogy required to train those with whom she works to become better singers and musicians. She is friendly and upbeat without lowering her high expectations for her students. I enjoyed making music with her and learning from her. Thank you Sarah for all you do! Your future students will be so lucky to have you. Please keep singing and teaching.”
Grant Underwood
BA, Music, The Ohio State University
Music Director, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – Madison, CT

“I found Sarah when I was studying at the University of Florida, who was highly recommended by one of the voice faculty members. My voice lesson was one of my favorite parts of my week! I had taken lessons before, but Sarah really helped me open up more of my range, helped me with my confidence and breath support, and most importantly, we had a blast! She always has a great attitude and has so much knowledge and teaching ability with voice. I would highly recommend her for anyone, beginner to advanced, she can teach you something new and you’ll have a great time learning.”
Gwyneth Rhiannon Milbrath
Graduate Student in Nurse Practitioner Program
University of Virginia

“Professor Altman-Kopko is an excellent voice teacher. She not only cares about teaching you how to properly sing but she teaches you to take care of your vocal instrument. Her studies include Alexander technique, which focus on body awareness and proper breathing technique. She explains how your vocal cords work and how to take care of them. Professor Sarah is kind easy to learn from, understanding and cares about your health. She has helped my voice grow so much! Honestly I can’t thank her enough, If you are serious about singing you will learn so much and grow your talent even greater!”
Justin Angel Rivera
Senior in Music, Media, Recording, Technology Major
York College of Pennsylvania

“Sarah Altman-Kopko proved to be a valuable, sensitive and insightful resource. A patient and keen listener, Sarah was always ready with sage advice for taking the next step in my process as a vocalist. Highly recommended!”
Michael H. Cohen
Founder of Dattatreya Kirtan Institute

“I began taking private lessons with Sarah earlier this year. I had taken lessons (privately and academically) before, but was discouraged and frustrated by my experiences. Taking lessons from Sarah was one of the best things I have ever done. Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of singing, is so clear and well articulated in lessons. She adapted her teaching style to my learning style; knowing when to push me, and when we should step away from a song for a while. She approaches singing as a whole body effort–which I love! Sarah has rekindled my love of singing, and taught me more in my first few lessons, than in all the months of lessons prior.”
Elisabeth Schlicher
Worship Leader

“Sarah is a wonderful voice teacher. I spent my college years in Sarah’s studio and my singing ability made tremendous gains in that time that I had never even imagined were possible. She has a deep technical knowledge of the physical workings of the body and vocal folds, and a very personal understanding of the mental dimension of singing. She very clearly sees where each student’s obstacles lie, and she adapts and applies her experiences in order to give each student the personalized assistance they need. As our time together continued, Sarah continuously adapted her teaching to fit how I needed to learn. Her simplest and hardest lessons were how to raise my palate, breathe deeply, and focus my voice. Through those teachings and many others, my voice, and my joy in singing, absolutely soared.”
Claire Hale
BS The Ohio State University

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