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Verismo Voice Studio

Headshot of Sarah Altman-Kopko, voice teacher.

Finding & Maintaining Your Real Voice

A Researched-Based Pedagogical Approach to Voice Instruction and Singing Voice Rehabiltiation

Thank you for visiting Verismo Voice Studio. You have the talent and the drive, now take the next step to becoming a better and healthier singer. Are you just starting out and want to learn more about your instrument? Have you been singing for years, but are noticing wear and tear on your voice? Have you recently undergone voice therapy, but need additional support to start singing beautifully again? Then vocal study with an experienced pedagogue and speech-language pathologist who specializes in research-based voice instruction is for you!

Verismo Voice Studio currently offers private voice instruction and singing voice rehabilitation in Dauphin and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Currently enrolling students, call today for your free half hour trial lesson!
Phone: 740-350-8444
Email: verismovoicestudio@gmail.com

I am committed to teaching students, of all musical interests, to sing with healthy and efficient laryngeal production, utilizing traditional and research-based pedagogical methods. Study of music fundamentals, basic anatomy and acoustics are essential to the evolution of a singer regardless of age or musical interest. Learning how your instrument works and how to take care of it is essential to promoting a lifetime of singing.

Voice study should be enjoyable for the learner at all stages of development. I affirm that learning to sing is a challenging and incredibly rewarding process. I believe in self-empowerment through music and strive to assist my students in achieving their goals and support their personal growth throughout their musical development.

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